We are REAL, QUALIFIED, WORKING electricians based in the Kamloops area.

We are 100% online only…this streamlines the usual “phone tag” process and reduces overhead.

We can offer very efficient and low cost SERVICE AND VALUE by using our system. Here’s how:


  • No secretary or assistants to stall you.
  • No endless phone tag or voice mail tag.
  • No busy signals.
  • No office that you have to visit.
  • No complicated paperwork.
  • No waiting for weeks or months to be scheduled.
  • Look…We are just like you. We want to get YOUR JOB DONE and DONE RIGHT!


How it all works:


Your online form is instantly routed to our BlackBerries, IPhones and doohickeys.

When we get your emailed form, we’ll stop what we are doing and call (or email) you back.

If we don’t get back to you within 10 minutes, you can be sure that we are either in the middle of a dicey situation with 220 volts at our fingertips…or we may be simply be out of range for our BlackBerries, IPhones and doohickeys.

In the event of something more unlikely, like a server crash or if Google stock returns to $30 and panic shuts down the internet for a while, you can always send us another quote request. But please…only if you haven’t heard back from us within a reasonable time frame.

I’m thinking give it 24 hours or so…in case we are all out of town on a job…

…with no doohickey access!

Thank you! We really do look forward to helping you with your electrical project.

The Kamloops Electricians Team